Play at all courses will be in 3-ball, with the exception of Carnoustie which will be 4-ball. Play will be in accordance with the Rules of Golf and any local rules relevant at each of the 4 courses.

The competition format is stableford. Full handicap allowance will be used. The Committee reserve the right to amend or alter handicaps during the competition. A valid handicap certificate must be produced at registration. Players who cannot produce a valid handicap will not be eligible to win prizes. Rangers will be on duty at each of the 4 courses to ensure a good pace of play. Please pick up your ball if you are out of points at any hole.

Points are allocated as follows: Net Eagle 4 points, Net Birdie 3 points, Net Par 2 points, Net Bogey 1 point.

Sections are as follows: Men Scratch – 28, Ladies Scratch – 36, Senior Men age 60+.

Scorecards must be completed with gross score and stableford points for each hole. Scorecards must be signed by Marker and Player before being returned to the appropriate recorder at each club. Any player who returns a card without two signatures will be disqualified.

Any discussion regarding the cancellation of play due to inclement weather will be at the discretion of the Committee.